Marvell Co-Founder Weilli Dai On The Chip Tech That Powers The New Gadget Hotness

The annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas is where companies show off the latest and greatest in gadgets — but with all the sleek exteriors and specs it can be easy to forget about the tiny bits and pieces of technology that really make the magic happen.

So it was nice to talk to Weilli Dai, a co-founder of Marvell Technology, the multi-billion-dollar fabless semiconductor technology company. Marvell’s chips are inside a number of the products being unveiled this week at CES, in particular in the smart TV space that seems to finally be reaching the point of mainstream interest and acceptance.

Dai stopped by TechCrunch’s on-site CES stage to discuss Marvell’s latest technologies, how the CES landscape has evolved throughout the years, what female founders bring to the table in the mostly male realm of semiconductor technology, and more. You can watch it all in the video embedded above.