Hands-On With Sifteo Cubes: High-Tech Games Built Into Classic Building Block Shapes

Kids these days have it so much better than we all did, am I right? Better clothes, funner food, cooler hair, and amazing tech-enabled games.

Reinforcing that last example is Sifteo, a San Francisco startup that has built an especially unique interactive gaming platform aimed at age 7 and up. Sifteo recently unveiled a product called ‘Cubes’ that incorporates digital games into the classic cube format of building blocks that interact with each other.

It’s a very nifty product that is much easier to understand when you see it, so it was great to have Sifteo’s president and co-founder David Merrill stop by the TechCrunch stage at CES today to give us the scoop on Cubes and show off the stuff in person. Watch the video embedded above to see Sifteo’s newest devices and hear about the company’s vision for the future.