Everything You Wish You Could See At Samsung’s Massive CES Booth

Samsung is known around these here parts as the Fifth Horseman. The company has risen from a boring mega-conglomerate to Apple’s biggest competitor, the world leader in TVs, and one of the most crucial manufacturers in the world. The proof of this is in the pudding, or, rather, in the $1 million booth the company has set up to dominate CES.

This booth is rivaled only by Sony’s, and I’d venture to say that of the 1.9 million square feet that make up CES, Samsung has the largest individual share. And if that weren’t enough, the Korean company’s name is on the lips of every analyst, buyer, vendor, exhibitor, and reporter across the entire Las Vegas Convention Center.

They’ve got TVs and phones, tablets and audio products. Hell, they even have LCD-equipped Smart Appliances. It’s mind-blowing, although that’s only enhanced by the panoramic booth-encompassing display that runs around the entire area.

We spent quite a while with Samsung during our live roaming coverage of the show. In fact, we kicked off CES coverage with an in-depth tour of their booth.

We’ve split up the videos based on the various products we checked out, so if you’re hungry for some Samsung, look no further.

Samsung Galaxy Note 2

The Galaxy Note is a phablet if there ever were one. It sports a 5.5-inch, 720p display and an Exynos quad-core processor. The S-Pen — arguably the piece that gave this jumbo phone its name — has been updated to be significantly more precise.

Samsung F8000 LED TV

The F8000 was a central piece of Samsung’s keynote presentation. It has a bezel less than a quarter of an inch thick, and a new wave-inspired stand that makes the TV look like it’s floating in thin air. The LED TV is powered by a quad-core processor, comes with the new HD video codec HDVC, and will range in size from 46 to 75 inches.

Samsung Ultra Hi-Def TV

The UHD TV from Samsung is the F8000’s much more powerful and beautiful big brother. At 85 inches, it brings 4K straight into your living room. In terms of design, it seems inspired by either a soccer goal or an easel, but in either case it’s about as good as it gets. A 110-inch model will be headed to market over the course of the year.

Samsung Evolution Kit

The Samsung Evolution Kit is a bit silly now, but you may be singing a different tune come 2015. It essentially allows you to upgrade your “old” — as in, 2012 — TV to get all the features of the 2013 models, like quad-core processing, the revamped Smart Hub, and S-Recommendation. It’ll debut in March, and at $499, it’s much cheaper than buying a brand-new TV.