Adspert Launches iOS App For Monitoring Google AdWords Performance On-The-Go

In what is clearly a marketing-driven exercise of its own, Adspert, the web-based bid management tool for Google AdWords campaigns, has released a free iOS app to enable marketing managers and the like to monitor their AdWords campaigns on-the-go.

Dubbed “Adspert Real-Time”, the app allows users to see an up-to-date review of the performance of their Google AdWords campaigns, providing real-time information on things like conversions per Google AdWords account, average price per conversion, and daily costs incurred for search and display ads.

In addition, there’s multi-account support, making it possible to compare different company/client campaigns, and users of the free app don’t need to be customers of Adspert’s paid-for service, either.

In other words, this is more about boosting the Adspert brand and leading to future sales, rather than monetizing the app directly. It follows a similar offering for Android which hit the Google Play store back in September.

In December we reported that Germany-based Bidmanagement, the company behind Adspert, had raised funding from the ProFIT finance programme, the early-stage investment arm of Investitionsbank Berlin. The amount was disclosed only as a “seven-figure financing”, though our sources pegged it at just over €1 million (~$1.3m).

Targeting the search engine marketing departments of companies or their agencies, Adspert’s bid management tool aims to help “optimize and fully automate” Google AdWords accounts so that advertisers can increase the ROI for the campaigns they run. The technology was developed off the back of the founders’ background in finance tech to create what the company claims is a novel (and better) approach to performance-based marketing.