TYLT’s Product Lineup Materializes At CES

Last week, TYLT sent out a press release touting their new lineup of products, including several 3D renderings. I have to say that after getting a chance to look at a few of the actual products here at CES, the lineup looks impressive and the renderings seemed accurate.

Additionally, the company had a few extra products not mentioned last week in the initial lineup, like the Fusion Case, that also really grabbed my attention. The Fusion Case is essentially, a case within a case. The outer shell is a 2500 milliamp battery sleeve while the inner case is a rubber protector with a much slimmer profile. The two cases fit together so that while not re-charging, you can still have some protection without all the bulk. A good idea.

For the uninitiated, TYLT manufactures rubberized smartphone charging products with a neon flare that, while bright and ¬†lively, never seems to be overbearing.¬†They are rather “Wonka-esque” if anything and their rubberized concepts are grippable and comforatable.

Also launching at CES is the company’s Energi Backpack, a backpack containing a battery with more than 10,000 milliamps of juice to charge multiple mobile devices. The battery also has cables that are snaked throughout the pack to make charing less tangled.

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