Dell Wyse Wants Its Key Chain-Sized Project Ophelia To Display Your Desktop On The Hotel Room TV

Dell Wyse is at the CES party to show off Project Ophelia, a dongle the size of a fat key chain that plugs into the TV and then connects to the cloud and your remote desktop. It works with Citrix, Microsoft, and VMware remote desktop systems.

Ophelia will then light up your hotel TV with your desktop so you can drink a warm beer and work with your Bluetooth-connected keyboard. Whee!

Ophelia has all the dressings that make it enterprise- and consumer-ready. Remote desktop provides a secure connection to back-end systems. It’s built on the Android 4 OS to support web browsing and the ability to access apps for personal or work purposes.

So Dell is playing the crossover game, making devices for work and play that connect to a cloud service. For the business person, it means the ability to plug into a big monitor so the sales guy can show off the company’s wares. And consumers can plug-in and laugh at videos of kittens.

No need for batteries is a big upside. The stick is powered by the monitor or TV it connects to.

They call CES the Consumer Electronics Show for a reason. It’s a gadget orgy for any imaginable combination of plastic and metal that is shaped like a square or box and wrapped around a microchip.

CES may be a consumer show, but Dell’s presence points out how blurry the lines have become as we use devices for both work and play. CES is for the users more than anything else. So who says the enterprise can’t join in the fun?

Project Ophelia will be available in the first half of 2013.