Another Major GitHub Outage – This Is Not Good For Its $100M Enterprise Push

GitHub had another outage this afternoon. This is getting old. How can GitHub be taken seriously in the enterprise with these kinds of outages?

GitHub started showing exceptions at 3:14 PST. By 3:20, GitHub announced on its status page that a database spike caused the service to have a major outage.

It makes no difference if GitHub for Enterprise runs on-premise. With this kind of outage, credibility is a question mark. GitHub has suffered a number of major outages in the past few months. The service went down in September, October, and December. It’s getting to the point that its credibility is bound to slip if the major outages continue.

Here’s what one person said on Hacker News today:

Github is great, they’re working on some serious problems, and every service has downtime.

But this is getting pretty serious.

This is the 3rd time in these last few weeks there has been a “significant service outage”

So much of a typical dev workflow is based around github, but more importantly a lot of new package managers use github as a base. Not being able to pull dependencies is a fairly big problem.

I will continue to use github, because they’re awesome. At the same time, we’re going to have to start building around it to ensure our uptime isn’t reliant on their (less than optimal) uptime.

That about sums it up.

In July, GitHub raised $100 million from Andreessen Horowitz. GitHub for Enterprise gets shipped as a virtual machine that runs locally in the customer’s data center.