Samsung Unveils First Quad-Core LED TV With Super Thin Bezel, S-Recommendation, Revamped Smart Hub

Samsung is more than just a fifth horseman in tech — the company is a straight-up powerhouse with the breadth to run your entire digital lifestyle. Last year, the focus was on ecosystem, with smart TV’s, phones and tablets that interact with each other.

This year, Samsung wants your technology to go further than inter-connectivity. The company wants technology to “know you.” That begins with the Samsung LED F8000 TV.

It sports a bezel under a quarter-inch, with a wave inspired stand that gives the illusion of a floating TV. It will range in size from 46 to 75 inches. The TV offers support for the new HD video codec HDVC, which will allow for the best possible streaming content.

This is the first Samsung TV that sports a quad-core chip, offering 3X faster performance when switching from apps to viewing, etc.

The company has also launched S-Recommendation with Voice Interaction, which will not only help you control the TV with your voice but help you find what you want to watch in the first place.

S-Voice and Siri are fighting it out for control of how you communicate with your phone, but we all know the living room is where it’s at for complete ecosystem domination, and clearly Samsung has a leg up here.

The Smart Hub has also been totally revamped, rearranging various categories and panels to be much simpler and easier to use. You can navigate the UI with gestures, remotes, or even your voice.