We’re Live From Pepcom’s Digital Experience At CES 2013 #CEScrunch

Tonight is the last night of teasers and private previews before the main event. Starting at 8pm PST TechCrunch TV will be streaming live from Pepcom’s Digital Experience! at the MGM Grand hotel. Join us as we tour the exhibit hall looking for the most newsworthy gadgets, smartphones, and tablets, and stay sober enough to report on them. Got to love those free drinks!

Then tune in again at 10 am tomorrow, as we buck up for our first of many days of live coverage from the CES show floor. We’ll be featuring demos and interviews from popular startups and consumer brands, including Samsung, Panasonic, Fujifilm, Ford, Intel, Microsoft, Google, and Nokia. Is there a newly announced gadget that you are dying to see? Send us questions and comments with the hashtag #CEScrunch.