LG Adds Smartphone Game Upscaling And 3D Conversion To Ultra HD TVs

LG had a few tricks up its sleeve at CES 2013 that went beyond most of the rehashing it ran through of its smartphone announcements from the previous year. One in particular is the news that it will bring smartphone gaming to TVs, but in a way that goes well beyond the type of streaming AirPlay and other services like Miracast manage to accomplish. LG says its smartphones in 2013 will be able to beam games directly to its Ultra HD TV sets, upscaling the resolution to match the bigger display, and even providing 3D viewing capabilities.

The wireless streaming of games in Ultra HD (minimum 3840 x 2160 resolution), complete with 3D conversion, was shown on stage coming from an LG Optimus G device. LG didn’t discuss the specifics, time frame or how it would work on the developer end for game makers, but if LG can pull it off, it’ll be a considerable advantage to tout for its smartphone and home entertainment ecosystem over and above other Android OEMs and consumer electronics makers.