Judge Rules Samsung Will Have To Reveal Device Sales Data In Ongoing Apple Case

This week U.S. District Court Judge Lucy Koh ruled that Samsung will indeed have to reveal specific device sales numbers for a variety of its gadgets, denying the Korean company’s request to keep that information secret. Samsung has to pony up the information after Apple made a follow-up request to its $1.05 billion award from a jury August 24 regarding damages resulting from the sale of Galaxy devices after a request to have them banned in the U.S. was denied.

Both sides in this case have continually made attempts to keep their sales figures and other internal business information private, but Koh has┬áconsistently┬ádenied most of these requests, citing a lack of any “compelling reason” to do so according to Bloomberg. Koh did grant a request from Samsung to delay the publication of a document that shows per-unit operating profit on two of the company’s handsets, however, pending an appeal by the Korean electronics giant.

Samsung was likewise hoping to keep these sales figures under wraps pending its appeal or an earlier sealing order, but that request was denied. That means that once again, Samsung will have to reveal sales numbers like it did back in August, when it showed 2010 – 2102 sales numbers for each of 24 of its devices, including the Galaxy S II and Nexus S 4G.

For a company that rarely goes into much detail about hard sales numbers of its handsets, that proved a rare peek behind the curtain for industry watchers, so it’ll be interesting to see what else these upcoming numbers tell us about Samsung’s growing success as a handset maker in the U.S.