Don’t Be Alarmed By The Bankruptcy Sign Outside I/O Ventures

We had a bit of a false alarm today, when TechCrunch’s Kim-Mai Cutler spotted a bankruptcy sign on the door of the i/o Ventures building in San Francisco’s Mission District. We guessed that the sign was referring to the cafe that shares the building with i/o, but we weren’t sure.

So in case you were wondering: Ashwin Navin, a partner at the startup incubator, confirmed it’s the cafe that went bankrupt, and the incubator is unaffected. By our count, this is actually the second time in the incubator’s history that the neighboring cafe has gone out of business.

Navin also noted that he’s looking for a new cafe tenant, and that i/o has opened a new-ish space in Los Angeles.

And yes, I just did a post about a piece of non-news. But hey, it’s the Sunday before New Year’s. And now you know.