Stealthy Collaboration Platform For Developers, VictorOps Raises $1.6M From Foundry Group

VictorOps, a stealthy enterprise startup based in Boulder, Colo., has raised $1.58 million in seed funding led by the Foundry Group with participation from Chris Marks at Tango Investments and the startup’s three co-founders, Todd Vernon, Bryce Ambraziunas and Dan Jones.

The premise of the startup is based on the fact that the best engineered infrastructures, with all the appropriate levels of redundancy, require constant remediation to deliver 24×7 service to customers. This responsibility most often falls on the development and operations team.

VictorOps is currently in stealth mode, but we know that the startup wants to build a web and mobile vertical collaboration platform that will enable Ops, DevOps and TechOps teams to manage and remediate software system alerts and outages. The VictorOps platform will be designed for small, medium and enterprise SAS businesses.

As the company says, “VictorOps will allow operations teams to ‘get back to bed.’ They are ‘helping save marriages one ops alert at a time.'”

This is Vernon’s third startup. He founded Raindance Communications, a web conferencing company that was sold to West Corporation in 2006 for over $170 million. He was also the Founder and CEO of Lijit Networks, an online advertising company that was sold to Federated Media Publishing in October 2012.

Stay tuned.