Silvercar Launches Its Simplified Vehicle Rental Service At Dallas/Fort Worth

Silvercar has announced that its airport-based car rental service will debut on January 14 for travelers visiting Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, with advance reservations for daily and weekly rentals now available. Some of the Austin-based company’s signature silver 2013 Audis A4s will be available in soft-launch mode over the next two weeks.

The startup, launched in February 2012, allows users to book and manage reservations through iOS or Android apps, as well as on its Web site and through travel management companies.

Silvercar aims to streamline the often tedious car rental experience by offering only one model of car (the Audi A4s) and simplified insurance options, using its cloud-based data management system to monitor gas tanks and automatically charge users for refills based on the market rate of gas, and allowing users to unlock their rental vehicles using their mobile app instead of having to talk to an agent.

The startup has raised $11.5 million from investors like Austin Ventures, Crunchfund, SV Angel, Dave Morin and Chris Dixon, among others.