Aviary’s Developer Of Peacock Takes Popular Photo Manipulation Tool Independent, Calls It Nodewerk

Aviary isn’t done with the news this year. In a nod to power users, it’s sending its advanced flash suite off as an independent product. The suite’s original developer, Mario Klingemann, is leading the effort and today has relaunched a core part of it, node-based photo manipulator Peacock, as a new AIR download called Nodewerk.

You can get it here and take a look at some of the visual creations from Peacock/Nodewerk by scrolling down here.

Aviary has been making big gains in another part of its business, providing customizable photo editors to other tech companies, including Twitter and, most recently, Flickr. Photographers, developers and other long-time users had been saddened when Peacock appeared left by the wayside, so the spin-out will be a nice Christmas present for them.

The growth also pushed the company to bring in a new CEO. It announced that Tobias Peggs, former CEO of recently acquired ad-targeting startup OneRiot, would be taking over from cofounder Avi Muchnick (check out Drew’s interview with him last week for more on his effort to “democratize creativity”). In a sign that the transition was a smooth one, Avi penned the post about Peacock today.