PSA: Update The Wii U (And Other Electronics) Before Christmas Morning

Dear Santa,

I was a good boy this year. I ate all my vegetables, cleaned my room, and didn’t freak out over Instagram’s new TOS. My Christmas list is short this year. I want a lathe turning chuck, a new mother-in-law and for the purpose of this post, a Nintendo Wii U. Easy. I am trusting in you. Don’t let me down.

None of those items should be hard for you to find. The Wii U is popular but not that popular. But I swear, Santa, I better not have to sit through a Wii U update tomorrow morning. I want to wake up, run out to the living room and instantly start playing with my new Wii U.


Nintendo even took to Twitter last week to advise updating before wrapping. It’s good advice, Santa, and applies to other items, too. Christmas morning should be a time of excitement, not configuration. The Wii U’s system update is required – there is no way to skip it and update later. Other items, like an iPad bought several months ago or a Microsoft Surface, will have less critical, but still important updates waiting. Can you do them for me?

Just don’t take off the OEM screen protector, Santa. That’s for the new owner to take off. I love peeling back the plastic on a new gadget. Best feeling ever.

Yours truly,

Matthew Burns

P.S. — I could really use some new socks, too. White ones are fine. I’m not fancy.