Obama Responds To White House Gun Control ePetitions

In response to the most popular ePetition in White House history, President Obama personally recorded a YouTube video to address his plan of action on gun control. WeThePeople was originally set up to open the process of requesting answers from the President, a process that is otherwise exclusive to the White House press corps and select media. A petition requires 25,000 to get a response; gun control petitions met that difficult bar within hours of the Newtown shooting. There were also 31 other gun control petitions that the President responds to in the video below:

Look, like the majority of Americans, I believe that the Second Amendment guarantees an individual right to bear arms. This country has a strong tradition of gun ownership that’s been handed down from generation to generation. Obviously across the country there are regional differences. There are differences between how people feel in urban areas and rural areas. And the fact is the vast majority of gun owners in America are responsible — they buy their guns legally and they use them safely, whether for hunting or sport shooting, collection or protection.

But you know what, I am also betting that the majority — the vast majority — of responsible, law-abiding gun owners would be some of the first to say that we should be able to keep an irresponsible, law-breaking few from buying a weapon of war. I’m willing to bet that they don’t think that using a gun and using common sense are incompatible ideas — that an unbalanced man shouldn’t be able to get his hands on a military-style assault rifle so easily; that in this age of technology, we should be able to check someone’s criminal records before he or she can check out at a gun show; that if we work harder to keep guns out of the hands of dangerous people, there would be fewer atrocities like the one in Newtown — or any of the lesser-known tragedies that visit small towns and big cities all across America every day.

See the full response here.