VEVO Gets A Roku App, Bringing More Than 50,000 Streaming Music Videos To Your TV

Since being launched three years ago, VEVO has quickly grown to be the best place to find music videos online and on various mobile and connected devices. Indeed, for most major artists, it’s the only place to find their content. While it started off online, it’s gradually expanded the number of other platforms supported, with apps for the iPhone, iPad, Xbox, and now Roku streaming devices.

The new VEVO app on Roku, which is launching today, will allow viewers to instantly start watching, with a continuous stream of music videos powered by its recommendations service. It also has various categories of videos that users can check out, so they can view music videos in their favorite genre, or check out the most popular or trending artists.

Users will be able to sign in via an activation code at, which will provide more personalized video streams and access to their saved playlists and favorites. They can also navigate to a “history” section, which will show all the videos that they’ve watched recently.

VEVO has been working hard to get on multiple platforms, bringing its trove of music videos to as many mobile and connected devices as possible. It’s already launched on Microsoft’s Xbox and Boxee, and viewers can stream its videos from the iPad to Apple TV via AirPlay. The Roku implementation will be its third dedicated connected TV app.

Meanwhile, views on VEVO are growing quickly, thanks in part to a redesigned website that launched earlier this year and greater demand through its new iPad and iPhone apps.

In November, VEVO had 52 million unique viewers, according to comScore. And it’s had 21 million mobile app downloads worldwide since it released them. Those numbers just continue to grow. Expect even more viewership as VEVO catches on with Roku users, as well as those on other connected TV platforms.