Overstock May Take On Amazon (And Google) With A New Locker Delivery System

Lockers are the new black in e-commerce. Amazon recently debuted a Lockers delivery program, which allows customers to have their deliveries sent to nearby lockers. The service is especially helpful for consumers who aren’t at home to receive deliveries. And Google just acquired BufferBox, a service that provides a locker delivery service, for $25 million. E-commerce company Overstock is eyeing the locker space, as well.

We just received a survey from the company, which asked how we feel about Amazon Lockers and whether we have used the service. In the survey, Overstock explains their potential locker system:

Your online orders may be delivered to automated lockers installed at secure locations (office supply stores, drugstores, convenience stores, etc.). Instead of shipping your packages to your home address, they can be delivered to a specified locker location selected during checkout. There are no additional charges for the service. When the package is delivered to the locker, you receive a confirmation email or text message containing a pickup code. Using the locker’s touchscreen, the pickup code is entered to open the locker containing the package.

Delivery Locker

It would make sense for Overstock to consider a locker system. The company, which pulled in $1.05 billion in revenue in 2011, sells expensive goods, from furniture to jewelry. Not only does a locker service help those who don’t have someone at home 24-7 to accept deliveries, but it saves you the hassle of having to go to UPS or FedEx warehouses to have to pick up packages during their open hours and wait in line. Amazon has lockers in Staples stores, 7-Elevens and RadioShacks. Google seems to also believe in the validity of the model, so we may see more e-commerce sites adopting this trend.