FontBook, That Weighty Tome Of Typography Knowledge, Now Fits In Your Pocket On iPhone

FontBook, the somewhat epic reference source for typography fans everywhere, today announced a new version of its iOS app that brings the guide to the iPhone for the first time ever. Previously, FontBook was iPad-only, after its release in 2011. FontBook 3.0 also introduces list views, user-changeable font sample text and search filters, among other new features.

The app is obviously a handy tool for designers, as both a pocket reference and a way to carry a complete font resource in your pocket for client meetings, but it’s also a fun app for anyone with an interest in typography. You can find out answers to anything you’ve ever needed to know about type very quickly with the help of the new filters that let you drill down to specifics, and see fonts broken down by use case and genre, as well as view alternatives for your first choice if it’s not available.

I also love that you can throw fonts in a convenient “Favorites” list, which is great for keeping track of ones you find while using the app’s new discovery features but don’t actually have an immediate use for. Also, not┬ásurprisingly, the app is actually incredibly good looking, too.

The cost of the app is another thing that changes with Version 3.0, dropping from $4.99 to $0.99. For a resource that used to cost $99 for a much less convenient and searchable paper version, that’s pretty impressive on its own.