DIY Mobile Website Creator bMobilized Adds Another $2.5 Million In Series A Funding

bMobilized, a New York-based mobile web startup offering small businesses a way to convert their existing websites into HTML5, mobile-optimized sites, has raised an additional $2.5 million in Series A funding, the company is announcing today. The new funding comes from previous investors Norway’s Alliance Venture and Investinor, as well Alden AS. The funding also comes on top of the $1.5 million bMobilized had raised in April.

According to the investors at Alden AS, the new funding was, in part, due to bMobilized’s 400% growth in customers since May. The company declined to provide hard customer numbers, but did tell us that in the last six months, over 200,000 websites have been converted using bMobilized’s technology.

Although now based in New York, bMobilized got its start in Oslo, Norway, which is why it still has close ties with VC firms. The team, now 15 full-time employees, relocated to the Big Apple in 2010, in order to take better advantage of the city’s tech talent and to target the U.S. small business market.

For those unfamiliar, bMobilized competes with Google partner DudaMobile, which offers its own DIY website conversion toolkit. Under Google, those conversion tools are branded “GoMo” and are provided online for free. bMobilized’s solution is similar in many respects to DudaMobile, offering several of the same features, including automatic sync between desktop sites and mobile, customizable templates, widgets and more. The company claims it can analyze and convert a standard desktop site to mobile in under 30 seconds.

To do so, it has developed something it called the “Automatic Content Identifier (ACI),” which is proprietary technology involving over 300 algorithms that analyze, detect, and convert all the parts of a website.

One of bMobilized more unique features is a contact bar which businesses can customize with buttons like “click-to-call,” “click-to-email,” “click-to-SMS”, and more. Also available among the some 30+ features offered are other mobile-friendly options, like social sharing buttons and support for a product promo on the mobile homepage.

The additional funds will be used to expand market share (the platform works in eight languages), as well for partner development through both a white label solution and an API for large volume customers.