Fly Or Die: Google Maps For iOS

Just in case you haven’t heard enough about the Google Maps for iOS app in the past few months, we decided to take the new app into the Fly or Die studios to figure out whether Google’s navigational offering is worth its salt.

As usual, John and I disagree over a couple of key points, but we both agree that Google Maps is an excellent upgrade to the old version of Google Maps, and it still has a leg up on Apple.

John finds that general search (finding a grocery store nearby instead of searching a specific address) is far superior in Google Maps. I actually feel that both address and general search are better in Google. In either case, we both enjoy the Google Now-style design upgrade.

Google Map Filters have also been revamped, and give all kinds of helpful info like Public Transit directions and traffic conditions.

John seems sure he’ll stick with Apple Maps for his mapping needs, but the proof is in the pudding. iOS adoption has soared 29 percent since the release of Google Maps for iOS. In other words, I’m with the majority when I say that Google Maps is a superior product to Apple’s Maps app.

Flies all around.