Twitter Passes 200M Monthly Active Users, A 42% Increase Over 9 Months

Twitter has announced via its own official Twitter account that the service now has more than 200 million monthly active users, an increase of 60 million from the 140 million milestone it shared back in March. That represents a 42 percent increase in the size of its active user base in under a year, pretty impressive growth for an already popular service.

When the service turned six years old in March, the company announced that it had passed 140 million active users, with 340 million tweets per day. Now, the company reports 200 million active users, as per its tweet, and 400 million tweets per day according to the most recent information shared by Twitter CEO Dick Costolo.

Twitter had 100 million monthly active users back in September 2011, with 50 million daily active users. That means the company has grown by 100 percent in terms of people who access and use the service at least once every 30 days over a period covering a year and three months. Getting from 100 to 140 million monthly active users represents 40 percent growth in around 7 months, vs. the 42 percent growth over the past nine months on this key active user metric. The overall growth rate may have declined slightly on paper (since the 100 to 140 million jump happened over a shorter period of time), but Twitter still packed in 60 million new monthly active users in a 9 month period vs. 40 million in a 7 month span, so indications are that it’s increasing its active base at a fairly consistent pace.