Polaroid’s Android-Based Mirrorless Camera Supposedly Leaked

Is this a new Polaroid camera? That’s what Photorumors is reporting, backed up by a leak from Russian social networking site VK. The camera is a mirrorless interchangeable lens system, which marks a considerable departure from the company’s flagship instant film-based models, which were finally discontinued a few years back.

Polaroid has actually run into a couple different bankruptcy situations, but in 2009 signed an agreement with Summit Global Group to produce Polaroid-branded digital still cameras. It’s possible this is the product of that ongoing partnership, but the origin of these rumors suggest exercising caution before putting too much stock in them.

Polaroid-mirrrorless-cameraThe original leak detailed an Android 4-powered device with a 3.5-inch touchscreen, an 18.1 MP sensor, pop-up flash, Wi-Fi and HDMI/headphone out. It features a rounded edge design that looks strikingly similar to the Nikon 1 J2 mirrorless camera. Later, a “press release” from VK provided more detail to Photorumors, including the additional information that it would use MicroSD for storage.

We’ve already seen an Android-based camera from Samsung, so it isn’t a completely crazy idea. But Polaroid would be joining a crowded field in the mirrorless compact space, with strong offerings from companies with a lot more experience. Still, in terms of relevance, it’s hard to match the mirrorless space, which offers consumers cameras that aren’t as large as DSLRs without sacrificing too much in terms of image quality.

Even still, I wouldn’t put too much faith in this being legit just yet.