Next-Gen Tegra 4 Mobile Processor Details Leaks, Brings 6X Graphics Power Of Tegra 3 With Less Power Draw

Nvidia’s next-generation mobile processor could be a 72-core graphics powerhouse, according to leaded specs reportedly uncovered by Chinese site Chiphell. The specs for the Tegra 4 processor, codenamed Wayne (a designation we’ve heard before), detail a 4-plus-1 battery saving quad-core design like that used in the current Tegra 3 processors. It should help Android devices get even better at gaming and media applications, while conserving battery life.

The design is based on a 28nm manufacturing process, which is more power efficient than the 40nm design used in the current Tegra 3, and on par with Qualcomm’s S4 mobile processors. Nvidia is hanging its hat on the upcoming Tegra’s graphics performance, however: it boasts 6 times the graphics processing¬†capabilities¬†of the Tegra 3, and 20 times the strength of the Tegra 2. If you’re a next-gen gaming platform like the Ouya, or any smartphone or tablet-maker trying to usurp consoles as a viable gaming alternative, then that’s a very attractive proposition.

Other details reportedly coming to the Tegra 4 according to the leak are the ability to support video playback at 2,560 x 1,440 resolution, USB 3.0 support and also high-speed HDMI connections. The Nvidia design could help the company gain an edge over Qualcomm’s S4, which powers a good percentage of current Android OEM flagship devices. The Tegra 3 also isn’t especially friendly with LTE-capable devices, which is a growing concern, and although the leaked details don’t mention anything about LTE support, it’s hard to imagine Nvidia building a next-gen mobile processor without tackling that. Wayne has reportedly been in development at least since February, and some speculated it would be arriving soon even then, so watch this space for any official details.