KidNimble Wants To Be The Recommendation Engine For Kids’ Activities

Recommendations are all the rage right now. Stamped was bought by Yahoo, Thumb is blowing up, and LiveStar’s been doing swell since launching on the Disrupt stage.

Today, DreamIt Ventures-backed KidNimble is launching its website, which acts as a recommendation and referral platform for parents hunting out activities for their children.

A simple directory doesn’t work for this type of information, founder Darius Goore told me. “In this case, you want to talk to people you know, who’ve been through it before,” he said. “These conversations are already happening in the grocery store or at the little league game.”

It makes sense. Parents who have kids with common interests generally have their own common ground. The idea is that, by putting these conversations online, users will have the same level of trust that they do waiting in the carpool line but with the convenience of the web.

I asked Goore if he felt that trust would carry over without face-to-face interaction, but the features of the site help facilitate connections. Users can choose who sees the activities their families have participated in. This lets parents follow specific users reviews, in a shared location, and eventually build a connection that ensures useful and trustworthy recommendations.

According to Goore, “there’s much more to come as [they] continue to develop the product,” but for now he’s simply excited to launch the site.

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