With 140M+ Users, Skype Competitor Viber Launches “Send Location” Feature For iPhone, Android

Today Viber has hit another huge milestone, announcing that there are now over 140 million users on the service, and that’s only the beginning. According to the company, an additional 400,000 users join the service every day.

To celebrate, the company has launched version 2.3 of the popular calling and messaging app, with brand new features for iOS and Android users.

In case you haven’t heard of the startup yet, Viber is a service that lets smartphone owners of all shapes and sizes place voice calls and send text messages and picture messages for free, no matter the distance or location. In other words, long distance lovers and overseas students tend to really get a kick out of the app, which lets them communicate internationally on a budget.

Back in September, Viber announced that it had hit 100 million users, after hitting 70 million users in May and 50 million in February. Long story short, it’s been a big year for the company.

The app supports almost any platform, including S40, Symbian, Windows Phone and BlackBerry, and it would appear that Viber is interested in building out its iPhone and Android presence even further.

An update to the app, available now, will add new features like emoticons, sticker stamps, and a “Send Location” feature allowing you to share a drop pin with a friend displaying your location. The UI has also been revamped, of course, and Android users will even be able to personalize their Viber call and message tones.

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