Google+ Builds Stronger Ties To Blogger, Now Lets You Mention Other Users In Your Posts

If you’re using Blogger for your daily personal or business writings, you might be happy to know that it has gotten a bit more of the Google+ social treatment. You can now mention anyone on Google+ within your post, and they’ll see it as a notification. It’s a good way to get people’s attention, also a good way to provide context to your content.

We haven’t heard much about Google’s blogging platform since its redesign in March of last year, sadly. This is the platform that Ev Williams, co-founder of Twitter, sold to Google in 2003. Here’s what Blogger’s Malte Ubl had to say about the update:

Now you can add a link to a Google+ profile or page when you want to mention someone in a post. If you then share your post from Blogger to Google+, we make it easier to notify your mentions by including them in the sharebox.

To mention someone, just type “+” before their name while you’re using the Blogger post editor.

The profile or page will show up as a link in your published post. Hovering over will show a card with more info and an ‘Add to circles’ button. Clicking the link takes you straight to the Google+ profile or page.

google+ mentions

You could also use this feature when you’re writing about a brand or page on Google+, but sadly you can’t pump up one of your new Communities just yet. Doing this will then provide that needed context and is attention-grabbing, too. Is this an earth-shattering feature? No, but it’s a demonstration of Google’s continuing promise to tie all of its products together with a “social spine,” which is of course Google+. Which is of course, just Google.

You’ve been able to tie your Google+ account to your Blogger profile for some time now, but it’s becoming clearer as to why you’d want to do that with features like this.

You can use Google+ in a private way, or an overly social way, it’s up to you. Choice is good.

[Photo credit: Flickr]