The Simple Trick To Use Google Maps With Siri


For all her faults, Siri is a useful companion. Sometimes. But she defaults to Apple Maps. Thankfully it’s rather simple to trick Siri into giving you directions with Google Maps instead. No jailbreak required.

As shown in the video above, instead of saying, “Take me to the nearest Best Buy,” tell Siri “Take me to the nearest Best Buy via transit.” Those two little extra words prompts Siri to open a screen which displays transit apps. Simply click the button next to Google Maps to bypass Apple Maps altogether. It’s that easy.

The Google Maps app hit the Apple App Store last week and instantly shot to the top of the charts. But best of all, Google also released an SDK for its maps, allowing developers to jump back in bed with Google and kick Apple Maps to the curb. Apps that rely heavily on maps are no doubt toiling away to re-implement Google Maps. But for now, users are going to have to utilize workarounds to use Google Maps rather than Apple’s own.

[via Gizmodo]