BlackBerry 10 Screenshot Leaks Show Off Hub, Siri-Style Assistant, Twitter, Facebook And Foursquare Apps

BlackBerry 10 is leaky like a sieve: we’ve seen what is likely the first hardware, and developer previews have shown off the UI on video over and over for a while now. In the latest breach of BB10’s absolutely sub-par cloak of secrecy, a number of screenshots have surfaced over at Thinte (via BGR). The screenshots line up with what we’ve seen in preview demos in the past, but also show off some previously unreleased tidbits that are definitely intriguing, including a potential Siri competitor.

First, you can see the basic homescreen layout, which is likely familiar to many by now. The camera call and search buttons are a different take on the usual dock-type layout used by Android and iOS, and you can see there’s quick access to some commonly used system settings built-in.

bb10-homescreenHub consolidates your messages, phone history and more, and is only a swipe away. It’s actually pretty clever, especially keeping in mind that RIM is focused on business users, who generally appreciate having an at-a-glance history of their latest communications on hand.

bb10-hubThe Siri-style voice-powered interface is news to me, but it should look familiar to users of Apple’s iOS devices. We’ll have to wait and see if this actually ships with the first version of BB10. Voice commands are essentially table stakes at this stage with Google Now and Siri, so I’m not too surprised to see this.

bb10-siri-cloneA series of shots show off native apps from Twitter, Facebook and Foursquare. The presence of these kind of high-profile apps on the platform is a key ingredient for RIM’s chances at success, so I’m sure many users are happy to see them depicted here in action in what look to be legitimate screens.foursquare-bb10 facebook-bb10 twitter-bb10

Overall, these look like what we’ve seen of BB10 so far, but again, it’s still possible that some of these screens were manufactured, altered or staged. Don’t count RIM’s chickens before they hatch in other words, but it’s still interesting to get a better look at what RIM could potentially ship early in 2013.bb10-notifications