Applifier’s Jussi Laakkonen Shows Off Everyplay, His Network For Sharing Mobile Gameplay Footage [TCTV]

Mobile gaming startup Applifier just raised a $4 million Series B and also launched the SDK (software development kit) that developers can use to integrate Everyplay, the company’s network allowing mobile gamers to share footage of their favorite moments with each other.

The whole point of a service like Everyplay is that some things can’t be captured with words or screenshots, so we invited Applifier CEO Jussi Laakkonen to stop by the TechCrunch office and demonstrate the product, which you can see in the video above. I was flattered — but also a bit alarmed — by the pleasure that Laakkonen seemed to take in throwing the in-game avatar with my face down the stairs.

I also asked Laakkonen how the social mechanics around sharing gameplay footage might work differently on mobile, and he said:

What needs to happen differently on this, it needs to be very much a smooth experience that’s a part of the application. Because people don’t really have this ability to go and actually download the application to record — because that doesn’t work, Apple doesn’t let you do that … It needs to be an integrated experience where you play, and then you discover, ‘Oh, there’s a replay,” and then you share it.