Gift Guide: Wolf Watch Winders

Short Version

Oh, the things watch nerds will do to protect their precious timepieces. If you know someone who is crazy enough to spend a few thousand dollars on an automatic watch, they’ll probably want a watch winder. Wolf Winders makes some amazing winders but they’re very pricey. However, I tried out two models, the Cub Winder and the Module 4.1 and found them, in general, to be superior to models I’ve purchased in the past on eBay. The question, then is whether to pay a premium for these or accept some compromises.

Long Version


  • Silent motor
  • Simple design
  • Cub winders are battery and AC powered


  • MSRP: $149 for Cub, $578.00 for dual Module 4.1
  • Available: Now
  • Product page

The Wolf Watch Winders are…

… very simple watch winders designed for automatic watches. The Cub model is Wolf’s bargain basement entry and cost $149 each. They have a removable “pod” that holds the watch and silently spin the watch 900 rotations twice a day. The Module 4.1 is a bit more complex and you can control the turning patterns and number of turns per day. The 4.1 modules connect together and you can create arrays of up to 12 winders on one AC power supply.

Buy Wolf Watch Winders for…

… watch fans. If you’re spending $10,000 on a watch, a few hundred for a winder isn’t that expensive. If you look at the price and gasp wildly, then these probably aren’t for you. Why did I look into these versus cheaper, eBay-branded models? Well, the cheaper models don’t fit larger watches very well. Something like this model is much cheaper but the lid will close down over the winders and some watches will scrape against the plastic, causing the motors to seize. While I’m not averse to recommending a much cheaper model, I found these Wolfs to be superior in noise output, quality, and design to your traditional, faux wood boxes. Ask the watch fan in your life if this looks like something they’d like. They’ll probably gasp at the price, but deciding on the right winder is a matter of taste and the size of the watches to be wound.


… it is good and right to take care of your watches. Buying an expensive watch is obviously a matter of taste and I was always curious about Wolf so being able to see and handle these things has made me understand the value of getting a good winder. You can definitely get away with a cheaper set – and you’ll probably be happier – but if you’re slapping a bunch of Panerais into a box that’s the wrong size you’re going to see some issues.

If you have a watch lover in your life, a winder is a great way to go. Wolf may not be the ideal brand, especially considering the price, but they’re considered some of the best around and I would agree with that assessment.