Dear Parents, Please Use This Memory Jar App Instead Of Posting Baby Pics On Facebook

A new app has just launched on the App Store, looking to give parents a better way to store memorable photos of their kids. Given the fact that we’re in a digital era, it only makes sense that parents would want to store photos of their children digitally, rather than storing physical photos in drawers, much like my childhood was recorded. However, Facebook definitely isn’t the best place for these photos, especially now that an app has launched to solve exactly this issue.

Memory Jar lets you save photos, and then add details, captions, dates, etc. This allows for a more detailed memory, and the app even lets you flip over the picture to get to the deets, just like you would with a physical baby picture.

The best part, however, is that you can setup anyone in your family with access to the album, letting grandparents, aunts and uncles share in the fun of watching your little angel grow up.

Standard sharing is available on Twitter, Facebook or email for those special shots that you just can’t help but share, and Evernote integration makes sure you can archive all those precious moments.

We’re living in a new world, people. If you had a baby in the last five years or so, you’re raising a child in a totally different world than you grew up in. Every moment of these kids’ lives is stored on the Internet, and as well all know, once it’s on the Internet, you can never get it back.

This generation is bound to rebel in some way, shape or form to the recording of their whole life on the internet, which is likely why Snapchat is so popular with tweens and teens.

Memory Jar lets you stay digital, share as you please, but keeps the privacy of your kid’s childhood in the family circle. The circle of trust, if you will.

The app is $.99 and available now in the App Store.

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Introducing the Memory Jar app from Memory Jar on Vimeo.