Cross-Platform Drag-And-Drop App Maker Tiggzi Launches Windows 8 Support

Tiggzi, a DIY mobile app maker, just announced that it has added support for Windows 8 to its cross-platform drag-and-drop development suite. The services, which already offered support for Windows Phone, Android and iOS, will now allow users to create Metro-style apps with support for all the standard Windows 8 features, such as Live Tiles, Snap views and the Share and Search charms.

This is the first time Tiggzi is adding support for desktop apps to its platform, but given Windows 8’s focus on mobile use cases, this move does make sense for the company. Developers will be able to use Tiggzi’s interface to create and preview their apps. Once they are complete, however, developers will have to export their projects and import them into Visual Studio to add their “finishing touches before making them publicly available.” For other platforms, Tiggzi offers the ability to export native binaries.

Selection_304“Microsoft is excited Exadel has brought its Tiggzi mobile app building platform to Windows 8,” said John Richards, Senior Director, Windows App Marketing at Microsoft in a canned statement. “The Tiggzi development community can now tap into new opportunities in the Windows 8 ecosystem. We are looking forward to seeing new apps coming to the Windows Store through the Tiggzi platform.”

According to Fima Katz, the CEO of Tiggzi’s parent company Exadel, adding Windows 8 support will provide the service’s users with “new avenues to generate revenue and create industry-leading apps.”

Over the last few weeks, by the way, the service also made the switch to a fully HTML5-based development environment. The previous version, oddly enough, relied on Adobe Flash. Now, the App Builder just uses HTML5, JavaScript and CSS.