Lookcraft, A Fashion Startup For Sharp-Looking Men, Targets Their Girlfriends This Holiday Season

Lookcraft, a New York-based startup that ships men a collection of clothing to choose from, is targeting their girlfriends this season. The company is offering a way for users to pick out clothes for friends and significant others.

Lookcraft, which sells men’s designer clothes, is somewhat comparable to Chicago’s Trunk Club. It sends a bundle of clothing, usually worth around $800 to $900, to men after they go through a quick style quiz and share their sizing. The items are shipped for free, you pick what you like, and send back what you don’t. You’re only charged for what you keep, and it’s not a monthly subscription service (so you’re not locked into being billed every single month).

Jamie Quint, the company’s founder, said that he noticed lots of women were going through the site to buy clothes for their guys. So he decided to make it a feature.

Girls can basically go through a style quiz that’s identical to the one that regular users see, except they can ship to someone else. They can give their boyfriends or guy friends credit to buy clothing, or they can just recommend clothing without shipping anything.

“It’s good for the guys,” he said. “They can wear stuff their girlfriends like, but they don’t have to go to the mall.”

The startup carries a number of higher-end brands like Nudie Jeans, J Shoes and local independent brands like San Francisco’s Taylor Stitch.

Lookcraft has raised some seed funding from First Round Capital and Consigliere Brands, a marketing consultancy and New York-based fund run by two-time NBA MVP Steve Nash.

Quint said he couldn’t share how much merchandise the startup has moved since coming out of beta. “We’ve shipped out quite a bit of product, but I can’t say a specific dollar amount unfortunately,” he said.