Clothing Startup Everlane Opens A Pop-Up Store In New York, Now Has 400,000 Active Members (TCTV)

Clothing startup Everlane has opened a pop-up store in New York for the holidays. We jumped on the opportunity to talk with founder and CEO Michael Preysman right in the middle of Everlane’s clothes. With 400,000 active members, the company is certainly catching the attention of many fashion aficionados.

Everlane isn’t simply an online clothing shop selling the clothes you already know. The startup has raised $1.1 million in order to control everything. It designs its own clothes and carefully picks partner manufacturers to strive for quality while keeping prices affordable.

The result is t-shirts made in the U.S. for $15, wool scarves made in Scotland for $65, or beautiful cashmere sweaters for $120 — the cashmere to make the sweaters is sourced directly from Mongolia. Brick-and-mortar stores cannot achieve this quality at those prices, because the startup cut out the middleman.

Moreover, Everlane wants to create a personal experience: The company considers its members a community and, as such, collects feedback to help it determine which clothes to design and sell. You can read Leslie Hitchcock’s review to understand how they treat customers differently and why services like Everlane will soon matter in the fashion world.

The pop-up store is only open for two weeks at 74 Gansevoort and will close forever on December 16. You can see clothes, try them on, make custom ties and belts, and get patches put on your cashmere sweaters. As you can’t buy most of the stuff in store, Everlane shows once again its competitive advantage: it remains an online-only company.

Video production by Steve Long