PercyVites Are Personalized Video Invitations For Your Kid’s Birthday, Starring Their Favorite Cartoon Character

Back at our TC Meetup in Toronto, we stumbled upon a new startup that’s looking to change the way you handle your kid’s birthday. PercyVites, which launches publicly today, lets you send personalized video invitations to your child’s friends for their birthday.

Currently, the web service supports the character Callilou, a popular PBS character. Users have the ability to customize the general template with their child’s name, the birthday activities, date and time. From there, it’s simple to just send along the video to parents’ email addresses, where they can watch the video invite along with their kids.

The service also offers Thank You videos and photo compilation videos, all set in Callilou’s cute little world. Each video is about 30 seconds long, and plays a scene where Callilou interacts with the invitation itself in some way.

In one, for example, Callilou is painting a model ship with his grandpa when he starts to paint something new, your child’s birthday invitation, complete with a picture of your little angel.

But this is only the beginning. The company plans to add more and more characters to the service, yet that becomes difficult as many of these characters are heavily trademarked.

Host parents can track the number of invitations opened and even record RSVPs through the PercyVites interface. Customization is a relatively painless process, and the creation and deployment of a PercyVite only takes about five minutes. It simplifies the whole process, and keeps things green to boot.

PercyVites cost $.99 each.

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