HotelTonight Expands To Continental Europe, Adds Language Support, And Launches Gift Credits

HotelTonight, the app that provides access to special deals for hotel rooms available that very evening, is making a couple of announcements today.

For one thing, the company says that it’s making its first move into continental Europe, with hotel listings in Paris, Nice, Brussels, and Amsterdam. The app already offered listings in countries like Canada and the United Kingdom, but this is an important step in its continued expansion, especially as similar apps emerge in Europe. The company has also added listings for Mexico City and Acapulco. And with the latest app update, it’s the internationalization isn’t just in the listings — HotelTonight has added French, German, Italian, and Spanish, so international users will get a localized view in their own language.

“One of the things we hear most from HT fans is that they want us to be everywhere,” said CEO Sam Shank in the announcement press release. “Localizing the app is a huge step in getting us there.”

The company says HotelTonight listings are now available in more than 70 markets, up from less than 30 a year ago. Over that same period of time, the team has more than doubled to 80 employees, and the app has now been downloaded a total of 3.7 million times.

HotelTonight is also introducing a new feature allowing users to give each other credits for payments in the app. This seems like a nice way to encourage someone to take a trip (and to fund part of that trip), while not pinning them down to a specific location. Credits can be purchased in the app’s “HT Swag Shop,” and after you buy them, you can forward the promo code to the recipient.