Hardware Hackers, Unite: TechCrunch Is Headed To CES And We Want To Talk To You

As you’ll recall, every year TechCrunch rolls out to Las Vegas for a CES live stream to beat all others. This year, in addition to our standard CE coverage, we’d love to get loads of hardware startups on stage with us at the Las Vegas Convention center where we’ll be holding giveaways, live podcasts, and interviews with developers, builders, hackers, and CEOs.

Want to join us? Pop over here and submit your information and we’ll pencil you in. Do you have to be a startup? No, but it helps.

If you’d like to sponsor part of the event, please email advertise@beta.techcrunch.com. Otherwise, contact me at john@beta.techcrunch.com if you have any questions. Please put “CES BOOTH” in the subject line.

We’re looking forward to covering CES the TechCrunch way by focusing on the little guys trying to make it in a huge market and the cool stuff hidden behind the scenes. Help us make this CES our best yet.