Ask A VC: Kleiner Perkins’ Megan Quinn Answers Your Questions

This week’s Ask A VC is putting Kleiner Perkins’ Megan Quinn in the hot seat. As you may remember, the show helps you get to know some of the investors behind the companies we write about on a daily basis.

Quinn is one of Kleiner’s newest partners and a rising star in the VC world, recently joining the firm as an investment partner from payments company Square, where she was director of products. A graduate of Stanford, Quinn spent seven years in product management at Google before joining Square in mid-2011.

So how does this show work? You ask questions either in the comments or here and we’ll ask them of our VC guests.

At Kleiner, Quinn’s investment focus is on consumer Internet investments. And she’s got some new money to play with – Kleiner Perkins just raised $525 million for a new venture fund, KPCB 15; and the firm is doubling down on digital investments in the consumer space. Quinn has also been an active part of Kleiner’s recently announced Design Council and Fellows Program, which matches promising design students with startups, providing mentorship, real experience and more.

Please send us your questions for Quinn here or put them in comments below today or tomorrow!

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