The Account Filings Must Flow: Twitter, TweetDeck Fined For Overdue U.K. Accounts

Maybe Twitter has just had too many other things on its mind lately — like building its own Instagram-busting photo filters perhaps? Whatever the reason, it’s got into a spot of hot water in the U.K. after failing to file its business accounts on time with local Registrar of Companies, Companies House. Sky News picked up the discrepancy earlier today, reporting that Twitter has been fined for late filing. Twitter’s U.K.-based subsidiary, TweetDeck, has also failed to file its accounts on time.

We’ve reached out to Twitter for comment — but the company has so far failed to respond. We’ll update this story with any reply.

Twitter’s Companies House page indicates the accounts were due on September 30 — but so far have not been filed. Its next return is due in June

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Twitter subsidiary TweetDeck’s accounts were also due in September — and are also overdue.

According to tariffs published on Companies House’ website, Twitter’s fine for late filing is likely to total £375 at present — since the company is more than one month overdue but less than three. The fine will continue to ramp up, the longer it leaves it before filing.

While such relatively small fines aren’t going to trouble such a well-backed company, failure to file accounts can result in a business being struck off the U.K. Registrar and dissolved. However, in the case of Twitter and TweetDeck’s late filings, a Companies House spokesman told Sky News “we are some way from that at this stage”.