Social Discovery Site Drimmit Gives Dreamers A Visual Bucket List

Drimmit is a simple, straightforward online platform that allows users to create “dream boards” filled with visual representations of their hopes and aspirations. The Web site, which placed second at spring’s Startup Weekend Taipei, opened for public beta at the end of last month and currently has 1,000 users, whose goals include “Be Covered in Bees,” “Learn Parkour” and “Travel to Antarctica.”

Based in Taipei, Drimmit’s team boosts an international background, with members hailing from Taiwan, Indonesia, Russia and the U.S. The three founders are Nick Chang, Allen Houng and Olga Shipilo. Drimmit’s concept was born when Shipilo could not find a goal-setting Web site or app that would allow her to create a pictorial pin board of her dreams and connect with other people who have similar ideas.

“One of our main goals was that it needed to be extremely visual, because we felt that with these aspirations, people need to have a picture in mind to help them forward step by step,” says Chang.

Drimmit Screen Cap

Users are also encouraged to answer two questions: what inspired their dream and what obstacles are holding them back. This helps other users supply encouragement, give advice or outline step-by-step solutions. After posting about a dream, users can connect with others who have similar goals.

Chang says Drimmit is different from other goal sharing Web sites like 43 Things because the social discovery aspect is one of the most important things about Drimmit. Users can potentially use the Web site to build teams of people who want to work together on the same goal. Drimmit’s target audience is people aged 18 to 35; communities the founders have focused on include fans of traveling, adventure sports and the outdoors.

Chang says a mobile app will be in the works once Drimmit develops a large enough presence on the Web. Right now most of the site’s user base comes from targeted marketing on LinkedIn and Facebook or organic search.

Drimmit’s three founders are currently bootstrapping Drimmit themselves and are seeking seed funding. They are currently considering several monetization models, including content related advertisement or collaborating with companies to sponsor specific challenges or dreams. For example, a sports drink maker could create a dream, like hiking a mountain, and reward users who accomplish it.