Google Gets In The Festivus Spirit With Its Latest Holiday Easter Egg


There’s no question that Google has an affinity for silly easter eggs, but the search giant may have just outdone itself this year. If you have a few seconds to spare today (and look fondly upon kooky 90s sitcoms), do a Google search for “Festivus” and you’ll be treated to that most wondrous of holiday sights: an unadorned aluminum pole running down the side of your list of search results.

This is, of course, Google’s tribute to Festivus, the secular winter holiday that featured prominently in a classic episode of Seinfeld from 1997. There’s no word yet on whether or not Google plans to indulge in any further Festivus festivities like the annual airing of grievances, or if CEO Larry Page will wrestle an employee of his choosing as per Festivus tradition.

On a slightly more serious note, this isn’t the first time that the search giant has invoked the show about nothing. Longtime readers may recall that when Google officially pulled back the curtain on its Google Wallet mobile payments system, it did so with the help of a chuckle-worthy Seinfeld clip that featured George Costanza and his amazing exploding wallet. Sadly, Google has made that original video (called, simply, “Our first Google Wallet customer”) private on YouTube, but as Google itself proves every day, nothing on the Internet ever really disappears: