Is A Wayyy To Baggg And Sharrre Your Online Shoppping

Eliyah Finkelstein and his team of Bagggers have a dream: to make it simple for users to shop. Their new product, (I told them to maybe try for or something a bit easier, so hopefully that extra g will go away soon) is a way for you to shop online by collecting items from disparate sites into separate bags.

The team is based in Fairfield, Iowa and they’ve been building websites since their early teens. The app exists as a browser plugin that appears when you visit partner shops like Amazon or Zappos. You can create multiple bags for various things and share bags online so folks can make recommendations. Think of it as a slightly monetized Pinterest.

“This browser extension is just the beginning of the experience. Our vision is to build a service that assists the shopper from the beginning to the end. We’re inspired by ideas from the slow web movement: Bret Victor, 37 Signals, and Seth Godin’s ‘tribes’ concept, to name a few,” said Finkelstein.

“We hope to deviate from the common impulse purchase ploys, novelty high fashion curators, and Pinterest spinoffs bloated with meaningless social activity. We aim to build a service that genuinely helps shoppers – not to just buy more or save money by buying crap, but to actually figure out what they want.”

The goal, in the end, is to make it easier to compare products and prices and help people curate shopping-based pages. Users who don’t like opening multiple tabs and comparing multiple models and configurations can use to build little universal shopping

The team has raised $60,000 from an angel investor but they’re looking for more investment to grow the company. Being in Fairfield has allowed them to concentrate on product but hasn’t put them in front of many VCs.

The app is a little raw right now – there were some bugs in my testing – but the guys have a great head start on other shopping sites and I love the idea of a universal shopping bag full of varying items from many emporiums across the web. I fully intend to fill my bagggs with horsehead masks and leather chaps.