Thermovape Will Ship Their Flagship Cera Ceramic Vaporizer This Month


One of our favorite hardware startups is pushing the vape-velope with their new Cera, a battery-powered vaporizer made almost entirely of stain-resistant ceramic. We visited their small factory outside of San Francisco a few months ago and they promised that they’d have something cool to show off around the holidays. They weren’t kidding.

The company quietly revamped their entire product line, offering three models of the Cera and essentially closing up their previous, metallic devices. The Cera can vaporize botanicals, essential oils, and liquids and is available for pre-order now. The founders believe that vaporizing tobacco and botanicals is far better and safer than burning and inhaling them, claims that thus far have been backed up by medical research. It will ship around December 10, just in time for Santa’s midnight ride.

The Cera starts at $249 for a model with a stainless steel cap but can hit $500 for models with titanium accents. The company has completely revamped their product line, reducing the total number of products to about six from over thirty configurations. The Cera, like their previous devices, are made in the US and assembled by hand by their manufacturing staff. They’ve also upgraded their switching system, which is a boon for tokers with sweaty hands.

Cera generation devices are extremely easy to activate: a simple push of the “switch” located on the bottom of the device activates the Cera. There is no need to hold the button on, all you need to do is simply push to turn on the Cera, enjoy vaping, and then push the button to return the Cera to the “off” position. We have also included a second safety switch on the side of the device, ensuring ultimate safety and security for storage and travel. The side safety switch on the Cera can be toggled on and off for use as an alternative means of activating the Cera. Neither of these switches require any constant force to keep them in the “on” position. Cera devices are also available with an optional illuminated switch, which allow you to visually verify whether the device is on or off.

We’re going to try to get one of these in to test, but until then, enjoy this video of them smashing a breakfast plate with the Cera’s ceramic body.