Sonos Updates Controller App Can Now Stream Podcasts And Music From Your iOS Devices

If there’s been one feature missing on the Sonos whole-home music system: Airplay. There were workarounds and hacks, but nothing quite let you stream your iOS music to devices in the home. Now, praise be the Gods of CE, Sonos has added onboard music and podcast streaming to their controller app.

The update allows you to select music right from your library and play it over your home network. You can dig into your podcasts, playlists, and select music and add it to the queue just as you would with other services. This is not, to be clear, Airplay. Instead, it streams the files from your phone.

I tested it this morning and heard the lilting strains of One Second Of Love swirl from my iPhone through my speakers as I ate my customary breakfast of fried silkworms and root coffee. Just another reason to pick up one of the better home streaming systems out there.

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