WeVideo Launches New Cloud-Based Video Editor, Integrates With Facebook, Instagram, Dropbox, Flickr & Google Drive

It seems like nearly everyone shoots video these days, mostly on their mobile phones, as consumers now have mini video cameras with them at all times. The problem comes in making those videos presentable so that other people will want to watch them. There have been a few attempts at changing this, such as automatic video editing from the likes of Magisto and Animoto, but few actual human editing tools make things easy for users to do their own videos.

WeVideo launched to the public earlier this year, after previously offering its cloud-based video editor to YouTube users. Now the startup is releasing a new update to the video editing product that is aimed at providing easy-to-use themes and drag-and-drop functionality for users.


The new editor provides two modes of operating: There’s the beginner Storyboard mode, which lets them drag and drop assets next to one another and have them instantly stitched together. There’s also a Timeline mode, which provides more advanced editing features, as users become, uh, more advanced as editors. Users can also instantly spruce up their videos quickly by choosing from a dozen or so professionally designed themes.

In addition to launching new features that make editing easier for novice users, the startup has hooked up with a number of services where users already share their videos and photos. By integrating with Facebook, Instagram, Dropbox, Flickr, and Google Drive, users will be able to easily import their existing media content where it lives on the Internet, rather than having to upload it all over again.

The new features should make WeVideo more accessible to users who generally don’t care much about editing or know how to actually do the editing thing. In a survey of its users, nearly 80 percent of its users reported they had little to no editing experience prior to using its platform. The new WeVideo platform is available on YouTube and also through the Chrome Web Store.