Gift Guide: Pelican ProGear U145 Urban Tablet Backpack

Short Version

Bag week is long over, but one of the sport packs we had left over kept grabbing my attention with its hardshell tablet pocket and comfy, ventilated mesh back support.

So I decided to carry around the Pelican ProGear U145 backpack for a few days and have been left mostly satisfied, and a little worn out.

Long Version


  • Impact-protected sleeve for iPad
  • Plastic, rugged grab handle
  • Water bottle pocket
  • Ventilated mesh back and strap support


The Pelican ProGear U145…

… An intense, impact-proof backpack. It’s fitted pretty heavily with plastic — both the grab handle and the iPad sleeve have a thick layer of plastic for protection and/or ruggedness — and even looking past the plastic, the backpack is made for adventure with extra rugged materials. It’s not compact or even stylish like some of InCase’s latest products, but it does keep your gadgetry safe and sound.

Buy the Pelican ProGear U145 for…

… the iPad owner that loves his tablet almost as much as he loves adventure. The Pelican ProGear backpack makes sense for the rock climber, scuba diver, hiker, or anyone who likes to bring their gadgetry out into the wilderness. But the modern-day urbanite may see some value here, too, considering how much the average human gets bumped and bruised walking through Manhattan.


… if you live a rough-and-tumble lifestyle, you’ve already experienced the pain of a cracked screen or dented chassis on a gadget, and don’t ever want to feel that way again. The Pelican ProGear line of backpacks lets you rest assured your expensive tablets, etc. are tucked safely away from the dangers of the outside world.

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