Dear Santa: Please Buy Me This $26,000 Transforming Robot

I’ve seen a few transforming robots in my day but few are as fluid and fast as this odd creation from Brave Robotics, a Toyko-based company that is selling its creation for a mere 1.98 million Yen. The little robot starts out as a car and then quickly transforms into a standing humanoid complete with FREAKING ARM MISSILES. Sadly, that many Yen translates to about $26,000, which could fund the purchase of a few dozen Transformers toys and the salary of a dedicated butler to transform the toys for you by hand.

The robot is entirely 3D printed – except for the motors and circuitry – and is controlled using a wireless remote. It looks to be an entirely homebrew project nearly 10 years in the making because, if this history is any indication, the roboticists look to have been working on this since 2002.

I think the most important part of the site, however, is the throwaway at the bottom of the History page where the company intends to make a full-sized transforming car/robot with built-in AI by 2030. Considering how smoothly this fellow is moving around, I’d expect them to have something by, oh, say next winter.

via reddit