AngelPad Debuts 12 New Startups At Its Fall 2012 Demo Day

AngelPad, the startup accelerator program founded back in 2010 by ex-Googler and investor Thomas Korte, held its fifth ever Demo Day at its downtown San Francisco headquarters today. The twelve startups that comprised AngelPad’s Fall 2012 class each took the stage to give their snappiest three-minute pitches to a very packed room full of the industry’s most prominent investors.

A bit about the program: AngelPad provides startups with ten weeks full of mentorship from industry veterans that covers all aspects of launching a company along with $20,000 in initial funding to help founders get their products off the ground in the best way possible.

So far, Korte tells us, the 62 total startups that have passed through AngelPad’s program over the past two years have seen some good traction as well as follow-on funding, which is the way that incubators and accelerators tend to measure success. Eight of the 11 startups who graduated out of AngelPad’s Spring 2012 class raised additional funding, and those eight took on a total of $12.5 million.

AngelPad’s Fall 2012 Class

We were able to pull Korte aside at Demo Day today for a brief talk about AngelPad’s growth overall as well as what trends he’s seeing with this latest batch of startups. You can watch our entire interview along with scenes from the very busy event in the video embedded above (complete with cameo from his wife and business partner Carine Magescas, who ran into the room to grab a business card for an investor — first things first!)

One especially interesting point he made is that this new class is characterized by a stronger focus on revenue-generating applications, such as things with an enterprise bent. Mobile-first consumer apps, for example, took more of a back seat in AngelPad’s Fall 2012 batch, he said.

Without further ado, in the order in which they presented today, here are the 12 companies that made up the AngelPad Fall 2012 class:

  • Periscope: Founded by ex-Google and Microsoft Bing product managers and engineers, Periscope is a business data analysis tool that aims to provide a unified, actionable view of data from many different sources.
  • FreedomCP: Founded by engineers and a National Science Foundation fellow with backgrounds in security and networks research, FreedomCP that automates cloud server management, providing modern tools for fully-managed web applications and servers.
  • Kinnek: Founded by engineers from Wharton and Cornell, Kinnek is a B2B marketplace for high-cost purchases from small and medium businesses.
  • Boomtrain: Founded by Harvard Business school alums, Boomtrain is a social web TV platform that’s tightly integrated with Facebook.
  • Tray: Founded by a team with a background in building systems for the UK department of defense, Tray is a service that learns from your inbox, web apps and the context around you to automatically action emails and phone calls.
  • Circl: Founded by repeat entrepreneurs from UC Berkeley and Cornell with engineering and product expertise, Circl is a marketing automation platform for local merchants that optimizes mobile, email, and social media for in-store visits.
  • ScaleGrid: Founded by ex-Microsoft Windows Azure vets, ScaleGrid is a database as a service for SQL and NoSQL hosted in private and public clouds.
  • Buyou: Founded by U Michigan and Columbia alums with business development and engineering backgrounds, Buyou is a tablet app for discounts and promotions from major retailers.
  • CISimple: Founded by an engineer with experience at Breezy and, CISimple is a mobile development platform that automates builds, testing and deployment to purportedly reduce development time and increase quality.
  • Shop2: Founded by an Australian developer with 10+ years experience in software design, Shop2 lets style influencers and fashion brands publish their own tablet-first lifestyle magazines.
  • UpCounsel: Founded by a former startup lawyer and engineer, UpCounsel is a business to business marketplace for legal services.
  • Storefront: Founded by Harvard Business School alums with more than a decade of experience in retail strategy consulting, Storefront is a marketplace for short-term retail space rentals.